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Director's Message

The Pharmaceutical Care Department is meant to provide care jointly-related to patients and a physician alike. It also aims to get results bringing benefit to the health care quality provided for patients.


Thus, the pharmaceutical care standing as one of the significant, key aspects of the pharmacology profession is responsible for providing the pharmacotherapy through efficient pharmacists in line with the modern trends for practicing the pharmaceutical profession; in order to bring out the intended results from medicine use, whether for treating illness cases or preventing diseases. This is through implementing the curative or preventive programs and monitoring the results of using these medicines.


Hence, the Pharmaceutical Care General Department has laid out fully-fledged plan for the pharmaceutical care paralleling and supporting the strategy of the Ministry of Health (MOH. The plan also includes the clinical pharmacy with all the specialties the MOH is in need of, and the specialized pharmacy with all its domains. This aims at rendering pharmacies model and electronic providing pharmaceutical services in high quality and through clinical pharmacists; to bring in the best sought-after results for a patient in the optimal medication safety and the most affordable cost.

Dr. Yahya Al-Swayeh,
Director-General of the Pharmaceutical Care General Department


Reading times : | Last Update: 21 June 2016