Child Vaccination E-Certificate


It is an electronic certificate, which is an alternative to the paper vaccination card, and can be obtained at any time via «Sehhaty» App.

  • Includes all child vaccinations from birth.
  • Easy access at any time.
  • An alternative to the paper vaccination certificate.

How to get the certificate?
Register the previous vaccinations of your children at nearest healthcare center to obtain the electronic certificate, and review it via «Sehhaty» App.

Certificate Review Process:
To view the certificate, follow these steps:
  1. Download «Sehhaty» App, and register your data;
  2. Click on Health File.
  3. Choose Vaccinations.
  4. Click on Child Vaccinations, and submit your child's data by clicking on Add a Dependent (a Family Member).
  5. Click on Vaccination Certificate.
  6. View your Child Vaccination E-Certificate.

Last Update : 20 March 2022 08:56 PM
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