Children's Electronic Vaccination Certificate

​It is an electronic certificate alternative to the paper vaccination card, which enables registration of vaccinations from birth to facilitate viewing and reference at any time.

How to register children's vaccinations in Sehhaty app:
To register vaccinations, you can book at the vaccination documentation clinic and go to the health center, or register such vaccinations yourself through Sehhaty app.

To self-register your child's vaccinations through Sehhaty app:
  1. Log in to Sehhaty app
  2. Choose the health file and click on “Vaccinations”
  3. Select "Children's Vaccinations"
  4. Click on “Register Previous Vaccines” and add the unregistered vaccinations
  5. Choose the vaccinations and add the date they were obtained
  6. Attach the vaccination card and send the request


Last Update : 07 February 2023 11:29 AM
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