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Manpower Licensed for a Health Enterprise
This service allows health facilities to inquire about licensed Individuals, where the user must enter the following information to see if there are any infringement: 
  • Health facility license number:
    • If the license number is correct, an additional field will show as "type of confirmation", asking the user to enter the confirmation number. If the  information entered by the user is correct, the names of the licensed individuals in the facility will appear in an alphabetical order.  
  • Type of license: 
    • The user can choose from a drop-down list showing the license status of the individuals who will appear in the search results. As in the following:  
  • Number of professional license. 
  • Person's name. 
  • Job Title. 
  • Status of the license. 



Kindly note the following:


  • This service is currently available only in Arabic, where requested information will be soonly provided in English.
  • There is no fee for this service.
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