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Mobile Version
The portal of the Ministry of Health provides a handheld version in order to reach all users in any place and to provide all its services in the future on this version. The handheld version offers a simplified version of all portal services. For example, the Ministry's news which is available in a simplified view form. In addition, Users of the portal can sign in through the handheld version and view their personal information. Users will be able to: 
  • Sign in via the handheld version.
  • View their personal account.
  • Update the information of the personal account.
How to use the handheld version:
Use the web browser available on your mobile device such as iPhone, Black Berry, iPad and others to access the handheld version of the Portal of the Ministry of Health, where you can use the link http://m.moh.gov.sa/en/Mobile/Pages/Home.aspx to reach the handheld version. The following icons are also available to access the page of the portal's handheld version details:

أيقونة النسخة الكفية لبوابة وزارة الصحة 
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