National E- Health Strategy

The New Hospital Systems
The HIS roadmap is based on a rigorous process to certify 3 Solution Vendors (3 HIS, 3 PHC Solutions).  The rationale for this is to obtain the greatest functional depth, provide a competitive environment, yet minimize compatibility, and collaboration challenges during integration for the EHR.  Solutions will be certified, and selected by 3 earliest adopter sites.  Each early adopter site will implement Core Functions (Admission, Discharge and Transfer, Scheduling and Registration modules), using change management led toolkits and templates.  Upon achieving solution stability, a broad rollout of Core functionality will occur.  Shortly after broad rollout, the earliest adopter site will commence deeper (basic and advanced) functionality rollout.  This strategy is depicted below:


Ensuring Success:
In order to ensure appropriate levels of deployment success, the following strategies are recommended


Recognizing that some KSA MOH Hospitals have existing systems in varying stages of completeness, while the majority today are without any automation, the HIS Strategy has a comprehensive approach to ensuring a structured deployment of the new systems.

This well-managed approach will ensure that all KSA MOH Hospitals will supported by standardized, comprehensive clinical and administrative systems, which provide improved patient care, enhanced information for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare providers

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