Overview of E-Health

Benefits to Providers

​With eHealth, Healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, and other professionals) will have ready access to…​

  • Their patient’s data at any time, in any place, when there is a need to know.
  • The best available evidence based knowledge, from trusted sources worldwide.
  • Necessary services to support their work, both clinically and administratively, including automated referrals.
  • Other colleagues, via email, tele-consultations, at any location in the country.
  • Advanced diagnostic tools and decision support services.
  • Systems with built-in intelligence which help prevent medical errors and adverse events.
  • Continuous Medical Education (CME), much of it available online.
  • Information that allows them to compare their own practice results and trends against national performance statistics.
  • The latest medical technology, equivalent to what would be found in the private sector, or in other developed countries.
With eHealth Healthcare professionals will not have to…
  • Wait to receive the results of diagnostic tests, or the results of other patient consults or services; the results will be delivered electronically as soon as available.
  • Waste time gathering patient data that has already been captured elsewhere.
  • Waste time dealing with patients who do not show up for appointments, or have already been diagnosed and served, and are simply shopping around.
  • Perform redundant tests and procedures on patients, since information about services they have previously received will be available online.​

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