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Health Blog
The Health Blog is a form of effective eParticipation through which the blogger can post a health-related topic or an ideaand express his opinions on that topic. Readers can weigh in with their own comments, share opinions and hopefully help each other through constructive dialogue. 

Health Blog Terms of Use 
Policies for posting comments on the MOH portal must be reviewed before posting,taking into consideration many ethical andobjectiveconsiderations:  
  • Post relevant comments and avoid unrelated ones. 
  • Write only the required information when posting comments.
  • Write comments in understandable language. 
  • Do not post the same comment more than once. 
  • Note that comments should not contain any inappropriate language directed to any person or organization, or include any racist, sectarian or religiously offensive statements.
  • Write religious texts correctly (i.e. Qur’an verses, Hadeeth…etc). Avoid irrelevant usage of such texts. 
  • Avoid writing contact numbers, address or e-mails in comments or titles. 
  • For more information about the Health Blog’s terms of use, kindly send queries to: portal@moh.gov.sa
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