Participants Rights and Responsibilities

Participants Rights:

  1. Treating them with respect and appreciation.
  2. Clarifying the project's objectives and nature of required tasks in advance.
  3. Obtaining a personal identification card.
  4. Getting free accommodation during volunteering period. 
  5. Getting lump sum travel to volunteering site.
  6. Obtaining the accreditation of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) with volunteering hours.
  7. Obtaining a certificate of thanks from the Health Minister.
Participants​ Responsibilities:
  1. Providing accurate and documented information about qualifications and skills.
  2. Commitment during participation in the project.
  3. Teamwork spirit.
  4. Preserving confidentiality of the project beneficiaries' information.
  5. Attending orientation program developed by the organizers.  

Last Update : 14 January 2019 12:10 PM
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