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MOH Launches Community Empowerment Initiative
17 December 2018  

​​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched the Community Empowerment Initiative, which aims to empower community members in the health promotion process by giving them a leadership role in determining the health problems they face in the district, prioritizing, making decisions, and working side by side with the district healthcare center to boost the pioneering role of primary health care. This care aims primarily to promote the self-care concept among community members, in line with the national transformation initiatives of the Saudi Vision 2030.

You can find out the nearest community empowerment teams by clicking the link below that will display a list of healthcare centers with such teams. Then, you can just contact or visit the health center in your district or the nearest one to you for joining these teams as a member or a volunteer.

Also, you can be briefed on the projects and activities of these teams, as well as communicating with them via hashtag: #We_Opened_Doors (#فتحنا_الأبواب in Arabic) on Twitter.

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