Anti-Smoking Clinics

Anti-Smoking Clinics


The Anti-Smoking Clinics is an initiative meant to facilitate access to therapeutic services and integrate these clinics with other healthcare providers to ensure a standard high-quality service for all beneficiaries. 

Achieving a global standard of tobacco-use treatment.

The initiative aims at providing the best preventive and therapeutic services through qualified skilled staff to the largest possible number of those willing to quit smoking, in line with the Saudi Clinical Guidelines for Tobacco Cessation​ Services. It also aims to raise the service efficiency standards to the local, regional and global best with commitment to continuous improvement.

Detailed Objectives:
  • Enhance collaboration between the National Tobacco Control Committee and other sectors to provide ​high-quality preventive and therapeutic services for smoking prevention.
  • Qualify physicians and health practitioners and train them on Tobacco-Cessation Program, in line with the Saudi Guide for Tobacco-Cessation Services.
  • Boost health education and preventive services.
  • Help those willing to quit smoking by providing them with therapeutic services (behavioral - pharmacological).
  • Introduce Anti-smoking System and process of handling the incoming notifications.
Services provided:
  1. «Mawid» Service: The Central Appointment System «Mawid» is an e-service provided by MOH, to enable patients to book, cancel or reschedule their appointments at primary health care centers, as well as managing their referral appointments.موعد/id1295059205?mt=8
  2. «Seha» App: It provides medical consultations remotely through video call, SMS, or voice messages.
  3. 937-Service​: It provides medical consultations via voice call.​

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