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Developmental Projects Launched at Medical Rehabilitation Center-Hafr Al-Batin

​​​According to Hafr Al-Batin Health Affairs, the Medical Rehabilitation Center of King Khalid General Hospital has launched two initiatives; with a view to improve the health services provided for beneficiary welfare.  It has implemented «Isharah» App., launched by the Ministry of Health (MOH), which translates speech from and into sign language to serve the deaf-mute category; thus facilitating their communication with the Center's staff.

Furthermore, a parking lot has been allocated for those who find difficulty while exiting the Center, including the elderly, injured, and disabled people. Also, there are a staff member there to help those people access the service location, as well as a specific lane allocated to them, which includes signboards to lead all those groups to the gate of the Medical Rehabilitation Center.

Last Update : 02 April 2019 10:45 AM
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