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Al-Jouf Governor Launches "Health Home"
24 January 2019  

​​His Royal Highness the Governor of Al-Jouf, Prince Faisal bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz, has launched today (Wednesday) the "Health Home", as a part of the 12th International Olive Festival​. He toured the "Health Home", which is the first-of-its-kind small hospital including a host of awareness clinics and booths, and got acquainted on the services provided for visitors. 

According to Al-Jouf Health Affairs, the Health Home features a number of clinics and booths providing awareness services to visitors. These services include examination of blood sugar and accumulative sugar, mass and weight measurement, brief account on obesity surgery, in addition to nutrition booth, dental clinic, medication education clinic, blood donation (for men and women) booth, and clinics for excessive use of herbs and electronic games, high-risk pregnancy, osteoporosis and proper hand-washing methods. It also allows visitors to assess the health services, record their recommendations, and gives a brief review of the home healthcare and training courses on CPR. Moreover, it includes an exhibition of vitamin, which highlights the body needs for vitamins and their deficiency signs, as well as children booth, which provides health awareness through playing with toys, coloring, fruits and health library. 

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