Department of Outgoing

Organizational Reporting Structure:
Reports to the Department of Administrative Communication.

General Objective:
In charge of the Office’s various outgoing works and handing them to the concerned units and authorities.


  • Receiving outgoing correspondence needing to be sent.
  • Sorting correspondence to concerned authorities in the appropriate manner.
  • Documenting dates and serial numbers on correspondence and envelopes.
  • Sorting originals and copies of outgoing transactions separately from the copies to be filed.
  • Entering outgoing transaction data via computer.
  • Preparing correspondence, attaching data and handing them to the distributers in order to be delivered to the destination departments as well as coordinating with the Incoming Unit.
  • Providing the Archiving Unit with a copy of each outgoing correspondence.
  • Informing the Follow-up Unit with any transactions requiring follow-up. Supervising, assigning tasks and guiding the personnel working in the unit.
  • Performing any other assigned tasks.

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