Center of Administrative Communications

Organizational Reporting Structure:
Reports to the Department of Administrative Affairs.

General Objective:
In charge of the Office’s administrative communications (incoming, outgoing and telegrams.)


  • Supervising all of the Minister's Office’s incoming transactions and correspondence, completing the procedures and delivering them to the General Manager of the Office, taking measures to avoid opening any private and/or confidential communications.
  • Supervising the receipt of all outgoing transactions and correspondence, then recording them and sending them to their destinations.
  • Entering incoming and outgoing transaction data via computer.
  • Coordinating with the Administrative Communications Department at the Ministry in order to prepare a Daily Brief, which includes a copy of each issued letter, resolution or telegram in sequence. This brief is then presented to the Minister and his notes are referred to the Follow-up Unit. The Daily Brief is destroyed after briefing the Minister on it.
  • Urging the staff to answer all inquiries, questions, and comments related to incoming and outgoing correspondence.
  • Responding to the public’s inquiries and directing them to the proper recipients.
  • Following the distribution of mail within the Office.
  • Following up the receipt and distribution of personal mail to employees in the Office.
  • Delegating tasks among employees in the Communications Department and using employees’ free time to help ease the pressure of any emergency situations in the incoming or outgoing units.
  • Receiving incoming and outgoing private and confidential transactions and handing them over to the General Manager of the Office, the private office or the Secretariat as directed.
  • Performing any other assigned tasks.
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