Minister's Secretariat

Organizational Reporting Structure:
Reports to the General Manager of the Office.

General Objective:
In charge of secretarial work needed for the Minister.


  • Organizing telephone communications for the Office of the Minister and processing incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Scheduling the meetings, conferences, and visits of the Minister.
  • Scheduling meetings of committees and boards of directors in accordance with the directives of the Minister, and coordinating with specialized consultants in the Office to prepare files and information needed by the Minister prior to each meeting.
  • Organizing the papers presented to the Minister in accordance with their priorities and urgency, according to the General Manager of the Office.
  • Informing the concerned authorities or individuals about any relevant verbal instructions and directives issued by the Minister.
  • Scheduling dates of meetings and visits using specific forms, recording modifications or additions, and informing the Minister of upcoming appointments.
  • Writing the Minister’s directives on issues or reports, to be presented to him on specific dates, contacting the concerned persons, and presenting these issues in coordination with the Follow-up Unit.
  • Preparing outgoing greetings, presenting them to the Manager of the Office, and sending them according to the directives of the Minister; also replying to incoming greetings.
  • Booking flights and private aircrafts for His Excellency’s transportation.
  • Escorting the Minister to various events both within and outside the Kingdom.
  • Performing any other assigned tasks.
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