General Manager of the Office

  Primarily responsible for managing and conducting administrative and secretarial affairs within the Office of the Minister.

Organizational Reporting Structure:
Reports to the Minister.

General Objective:
To develop, execute and supervise all secretarial and administrative tasks within the Office of the Minister.


  • Setting appropriate plans to develop secretarial services in the Office of the Minister.
  • Supervising, assessing and guiding the personnel working in the Office of the Minister.
  • Supervising and following-up the coordination of activities between the units of the Office of the Minister, other Ministry departments and any concerned external entities.
  • Supervising the handling of all incoming mail to the.
  • Receiving private and confidential letters and transactions addressed to the Minister, presenting them to His Excellency and responding to them according to his directions.
  • Referring correspondence, memorandums and reports submitted by departments and agencies of the Ministry to the relevant advisor to review and complete them before presenting them to His Excellency.
  • Supervising the preparation of all types of correspondence related the Minister.
  • Informing the concerned authorities of all instructions and directives issued by the Minister.
  • Informing the MOH’s agencies, departments and authorities associated with the Minister through resolutions and circulars issued by the Council of Ministers and the Council of Civil Service.
  • Preparing and delivering circulars and resolutions on the Minister’s behalf to concerned authorities.
  • Updating the lists of agencies, departments and authorities that normally receive these resolutions and circulars.
  • Preparing forms according to the requirements of the resolutions and circulars to inform the relevant authorities of the contents of these documents as soon as possible.
  • Supervising the preparation and verification of the accuracy of reports and summaries requested by the Minister before presenting them to His Excellency.
  • Following up on issues which exceeded the designated completion time limits and are submitted to His Excellency by the Business Follow-up Unit.
  • Presenting important and urgent issues to the Minister in which follow-up procedures did not achieve specific results.
  • Supervising the filing of documents according to a modern classification system which makes them easy to retrieve.
  • Supervising the scheduling of the Minister’s meetings, conferences and visits.
  • Supervising the copying, secretarial and translation tasks according to the Minister’s needs.
  • Supervising the confidential work of the Office
  • Identifying human resources and equipment needed in the Office and coordinating their inclusion in the budget.
  • Preparing periodic reports about the Office's activities and accomplishments and submitting them to the Minister.
  • Performing any other tasks assigned by the Minister.

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