Announcements about Private Health Sector Performance

MOH: 890 Private Health Facilities Closed in 1438H.
During 1438H., the Ministry of Health (MOH) closed 8890 private health facilities, including: 7 hospitals, 508 medical complexes, 253 health establishments, in addition to 110 pharmacies; due to their violation of the Law.
 According to MOH, 4,086 violations were referred to the Medical Violations Committee by different Private Health Departments across the Kingdom, including 267 for hospitals, 1291 for medical complexes, 578 for other health establishments, in addition to 2,058 pharmacies.
In the same vein, the Medical Violations Committee issued 1,667 decisions, including 105 for hospitals, 508 for medical complexes, 287 for private health establishments, and 758 decisions for pharmacies.
Also, the Private Health Sector Department referred 1,006 violations to the Committee for Violations of the Law of Practicing Healthcare Professions. Also, 21,527 field tours have been conducted across al regions and provinces.
According to MOH, all of its various committees will keep monitoring and supervising health services, to ensure full compliance with rules and required specs to provide effective services to patients and outpatients, and to offer top quality health services that meet their needs.
In this regard, MOH attaches great importance to compliance with rules and regulations to maintain the safety and security of services, through inspection teams of different Health Affairs, unannounced visits, citizens' collaboration, MOH's online portal or (937) service center. Then appropriate penalties are imposed to address any shortfalls in health services provided by the private health sector.
MOH has recently created the “Compliance Enhancement Agency” to follow-up compliance with professional rules, regulations and ethics in both private and public sectors. This decision falls within the MOH’s developmental initiatives and scheduled campaigns to control and verify the health sector’s compliance. This would positively enhance the quality of healthcare services and ensure patients’ satisfaction.
Last Update : 10 October 2017 10:06 AM
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