Announcements about Private Health Sector Performance

587 Inspection Tours Result in Closing 32 Violating Pharmacies in 45 Days

​​​The Riyadh Health Affairs General Directorate closed 32 violating pharmacies, through 587 inspection rounds that resulted in recording 89 violations. The violations were handled according to the penalties bylaw, as some where warned and others were fined, in addition to 32 pharmacies that were closed.  

The penalties were applied on pharmacies that operated with initial approvals instead of final licenses. The penalties were also applied on pharmacies which had administrative decisions issued against them by the Violations Committee. 

Riyadh Health Affairs General Directorate urged all private health institutions and establishments to apply the stipulated regulations and necessary requirements that ensure they adhere to the certified work systems. This would eventually create positive partnerships between MOH and these private health institutions.

Noteworthy, (Riyadh Health Affairs) issued 215 facility licenses and renewed 1097 licenses. It also gave initial approval to 223 facilities. On the other hand, it canceled the licenses of 54 facilities.​


Last Update : 12 August 2021 05:27 AM
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