Announcements about Private Health Sector Performance

MOH Fines Six Health Professionals Working at a Private Polyclinic
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has approved the decision of the Health Professions Violations Consideration Committee at Jeddah Governorate, imposing the maximum financial sanctions against six health professionals (two physicians, two nurses, a lab specialist and a radiology technician), working at a polyclinic in Jeddah; due to a number of violations. Therefore, the polyclinic has been referred to the competent authority of the Private Health Institutions’ Violations Consideration Committee at Jeddah Health Affairs General, to take the punitive actions against it.
In its statement, the MOH has announced that these irregularities include the lack of a final license for the facility, and the laboratory is working without a licensed professional, as well as the absence of a licensed specialist in the radiology section. Besides, the decision stipulated that most of the polyclinic’s staff are licensed to work at another facility, in violation to the labor regulations, in addition to finding a number of expired medicines (two of “vaxigrip” and three of “refloton”) in the polyclinic.
Within the same vein, the MOH has emphasized that it would take all the statutory procedures, including the cautionary closure, towards any health institution that does not comply with the required quality standards of health services; in an endeavor to oblige such institutions to improve their conditions and redress all irregularities observed there, pursuant to the statutory procedures.
Last Update : 10 April 2014 03:04 PM
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