Announcements about Private Health Sector Performance

MOH Closes 55 Private Medical Facilities
The Ministry of Health (MOH) closed 55 private health facilities in a number of the Kingdom’s regions over the past two months (Dhul-Qi‘dah And Dhul-Hijjah); due to their non-compliance with Health Regulations. The number of irregularities detected on the private health institutions reached 229; whereas the number of the pharmaceutical facilities irregularities reached 101. As for the irregularities, monitored by the MOH Medical Irregularities and Legitimate Health Institutions Committee, on the medical or technical cadres, they reached 179 irregularities during the same period.
For his part, the Assistant Deputy Minister for Private Health Sector, Dr. Ali bin Hussein Al-Zawawi, has lauded the effective role of the private health sector as a main partner in providing health services. Furthermore, he called upon the workers in this sector to exert their utmost efforts to promote the level of health services offered to citizens and residents, in a manner that helps further the health progress in the Kingdom, with the support of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, May Allah protect him, in an endeavor to promote the level of health facilities performance. 
Within the same vein, Dr. Al-Zawawi highlighted that the MOH and its different committees will keep on following-up and overseeing the offered services in the health sector; in order to ensure the compliance with the required regulations and specifications, aiming to serve patients and visitors of those facilities, as well as offering high-quality health services to meet their health needs.
It is worth mentioning that the MOH, being responsible for the performance level in the health sector, places particular emphasis on inspection and monitoring to verify of the implementation of the rules and regulations in order to maintain safety and security of the services offered to patients, by constant follow-ups through inspection committees in health affairs directorates, sudden tours, citizen’s cooperation, through the MOH Portal ( ), via the Citizen’s Voice service, or fax no. 0112124196.
Over and above, MOH takes the proper statutory punitive actions against all irregularities, including financial fines, suspension, license withdrawal, or temporary or final closure. Those sanctions are may be imposed upon private the health facilities and pharmacies, or health profession practices; they may reach termination and deportation. That gives an actual indication that the MOH and its health affairs directorates are very serious about inspecting and addressing any deficiencies or failures in the health services offered in the private health sector.

Last Update : 21 November 2013 10:04 AM
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