Announcements about Private Health Sector Performance

Closure and Fine Decisions against Private Health Installations
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has approved the decision of the committee, assigned to consider the violations of the Saudi private health installations at Jeddah Health Affairs Directorate, to punish a medical warehouse in Jeddah by a fine of SR 100,000 for using a residential apartment as a warehouse, as well as selling pharmaceuticals prior to obtaining the necessary licenses. Such penalties were issued pursuant to Article (37-2) of the Law of Pharmaceutical Installations and Products.
Within the same vein, the MOH has approved the decision of the same committee at al-Ahsa Health Affairs Directorate, to close a dental clinic in al-Hofuf, for a period of 60 days; due to its irregularities. These irregularities include the lack of a licensed medical director, the unavailability of medicines for emergency cases and the expired licenses of some medical staff working in the clinic. Furthermore, the decision included obliging the institution to make the necessary arrangements for transferring the inpatients to other institutions before closing.
Moreover, the MOH has approved the decision of the above-mentioned committee to close a branch of one of the pharmacies in Riyadh for 60 days, as well as fining its owner SR 50,000, pursuant to article (37) of the Law of Pharmaceutical Installations and Products and its Implementing Regulations. The MOH issued such penalties because the license of the pharmacy had come to end, and the pharmacist was working before getting a statutory license.
Last Update : 24 September 2013 09:27 AM
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