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(Eshara) App.

​​Sign Language (Eshara) App.

(Eshara) service aims to support the governmental and private service sector, to achieve the Comprehensiveness of services provided to deaf customers, and to facilitate their procedures by providing a digital platform that supports visual communication between deaf clients and a call center for remote sign translation, where the translator translates as a third party through the platform by converting the sign language into spoken Arabic and vice versa, so that the mediator between the employee and the customer is from the deaf category.

Leadership and innovation in empowering deaf people. 

Providing a digital platform that creates integrated solutions to enabling deaf people, as well as effective local and international partnerships in the field of empowering the deaf. 

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Confidence
  • Confidentiality 
Learn about (Eshara) service:
  • Removing communication barriers.
  • Raise the quality of the provided services.
  • Enabling the deaf person and supporting his independence.
  • Maintain customer privacy.
  • Raising awareness of accommodations for deaf people. 

Why (Eshara)?
To meet the societal challenges that face deaf people. These challenges include:
  • The certified translators in the Kingdom cannot cover the need of Deaf people with the traditional method of translation.
  • When using a cooperative translation assistant, the deaf person loses his independence and may lose his privacy as well.
  • Communication by writing is not ideal, as written language is considered a secondary language of the deaf, and it is not mastered in a way that guarantees the quality of communication.
  • 5% of the world's population and 1.4% of Saudis are deaf people, while 90% of the service providers do not provide facilitative arrangements for deaf people.

Steps to use the service:
  1. Download ​App for free:
    • ​​https://itunes.apple.com/sa/app/صحه/id1205814003?mt=8 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ubieva.caas.userapp.droid
  2. Enter basic data.
  3. Ensure that the service is available in the geographical area.
  4. Make visual communication.
  5. The beneficiary evaluates the quality of the service.​

Support and Assistance:
To submit inquiries, click here​.


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