About the Ministry

​​The Ministry of Health (MOH), by way of its objectives, policies and projects included in this strategy, seeks to accomplish a promising future vision; namely, delivering best-quality integrated and comprehensive healthcare services.
MOH Vision 2020: 
  • Carrying health conditions or health status of Saudi inhabitants to the best and highest possible level, in terms of justice and equality in providing healthcare, and in terms of effectiveness and the possibility of incurring the financial burden of the treatment and healthcare. In doing so, the MOH takes as its target meeting citizens’ aspirations in this regard, by providing them with high-quality general and specialized health services, and covering all the population with these services.
  • Creating a sole and exclusive entity to formulate health policies including health insurance services, etc. (such as operating the recently established Health Services Council.)
  • Adopting a public and national health strategy which focuses of the main morbidity burdens; including non-communicable diseases, nutrition, reproductive health, smoking (tobacco-use), AIDS, traffic accidents, and injuries. 
  • The system must have an effective and fair method for estimating risks and benefits. 
  • Working to diversify sources of revenues to finance the system effectively. These sources must include also public revenues and insurance premiums, in addition to the equally allocated costs and taxes.

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