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Health Minister Calls MOH’s Retired Employee The «Mother of Volunteers»
10 July 2022
​​His Excellency the Minister of Health, Eng. Fahd bin Abdulrahman Al-Jalajel, has called a MOH’s retired employee, Dr. Samiha bint Omar Sinan, the «Mother of Volunteers».

This came during his meeting today (Sunday) with a number of male and female volunteers at courtyard of the Holy Mosque, as part of his inspection tour through health facilities in the central area of Makkah, while addressing the 65-year old volunteer (Sinan), saying: “Retirement is only from the office not from serving pilgrims, and I will sign you on the title the «Mother of Volunteers».” Then, Dr. Samiha has presented a sweet gift to the Minister.

It is noted that Dr. Samiha Senan, holding a Bachelor Degree of Medicine and Surgery (MBBCH) from Ain Shams University in Cairo about 30 years ago, has retired from the Ministry of Health for four years. “Since my graduation until my retirement, I had the honor to work for the Ministry of Health, serving in the health sector in Makkah”, stated Dr. Samiha.

She added, “Since I was my appointed at MOH, I have annually been participating in all Hajj seasons to serve pilgrims. After retirement, MOH has honored me by accepting me as a volunteer physician, which is a blessing from Allah.”

For her part, Dr. Samiha has extend her sincere gratitude and thanks to the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for the great attention paid to pilgrims. She has, also, extended her thanks to His Excellency the Minister of Health, Eng. Fahd Al-Jalajel for the words he said to her, considering them a badge of honor on her chest to be proud of throughout her life.


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