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A Saudi Nurse Continues to Serve Pilgrims in Mina, Despite Breaking Her Hand
09 July 2022
​​​A Saudi nurse insisted to continue her participation in this year's Hajj season, refusing to finish her mission, despite the fact that she suffered an accidental injury (a fracture of one of her hands) after she had fallen in Mina Emergency Hospital.

Regarding her injury, the nurse underlined that it was an accidental injury, as she had fallen at her residence due to losing her balance, and her hand was broken. She received the necessary first aid inside the hospital, and found great interest in her condition. She has emphasized her desire to complete her participation in the pilgrims’ service, expressing her happiness with this participation; for seeking Allah's reward and contributing to the success of the efforts made by our wise government to serve pilgrims.

It is noted that Mu‘jabah Zayed Al-Shahrani, a nursing specialist coming from King Abdullah Hospital in Bisha, is participating this year and for the second consecutive year in Hajj season.


Last Update : 11 July 2022 09:06 AM
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