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Pilgrims Lauds MOH’s Services: Your Hospitals Are Cutting-Edge and Your Interest Is Beyond Description
09 July 2022
​​A number of pilgrims have expressed their happiness for completing their Hajj rituals, despite suffering from health problems after their arrival at the Holy Sites; due to efforts made before Hajj season and during travel difficulties. The pilgrims have extended their sincere gratitude and thanks to the wise government for its keen attention paid to pilgrims, meanwhile lauding the health services provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to patient pilgrims.

A pilgrim, Medqash Odin, has expressed his deep joy at the success of the open-heart surgery performed to him at King Abdullah Medical City-Makkah. He pointed out that he had suffered a heart attack, and almost could have lost his life, unless Allah’s care and the speedy medical intervention and the high quality health services provided through qualified medical cadres to patient pilgrims.

A 59-year old Somali pilgrim, Halima Mohammed, has extended her thanks to the Saudi government for the keen attention she received at King Abdullah Medical City-Makkah. She had been admitted to the City; after suffering a heart attack. Then, she had received medical interventions that contributed to her recovery, by Allah’s Grace.

Also, a 50-year old Turkish pilgrim, Sadeq Niyaz, has lauded the health care he received at Al Noor Specialist Hospita, after suffering a heart attack, until the stability of his health status, all praise is due to Allah.


Last Update : 11 July 2022 10:06 AM
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