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2,000+ MOH’s Volunteers to Serve Pilgrims in This Year's Hajj Season, Says MOH
09 July 2022
​​This year’s Hajj season has witnesses significant and vigorous participation of health volunteers at all sites in Makkah and the Holy Sites, under the supervision of MOH’s Health Volunteer Center. More than 2,200 volunteers participate in this season, and a number of them expressed their great joy with this wonderful community participation, highlighting that the feeling of serving pilgrims is indescribable, thus summing it up in the phrase “Happiness lies in moments of striving to do good.”

Aisha Ibrahim Al-Sabbagh, a Nursing technician from Jazan, said: “All praise is due to Allah, Who granted me this grace to serve pilgrims in Arafat, and I thank those in charge of the volunteer work at the Ministry of Health (MOH) for this organization and great efforts provided to us since time we left our regions until we arrived Makkah.”

Al-Sabbagh pointed out that she got involved in this volunteering work; seeking the Allah’s reward in serving pilgrims in this great country during these blessed days; highlighting that she and her colleagues are exerting their utmost efforts to help pilgrims perform their Hajj rituals, easily and conveniently, Allah’s Willing.

For his part, Muhammad Nouri Al-Gharash, a Nursing Specialist from Al-Ahsa said: “The warm welcome and hospitality touched my heart. Since I worked in volunteer work, I have realized that happiness lies in moments of striving and doing good deeds for others.” He stressed that life has another feature that deserves all these efforts; as those around you pray Allah for you, thank you, in addition to being proud of yourself, underlying that he is happy and grateful to the Kingdom for this organization, and grateful for the healthy volunteering that allowed him to serve pilgrims; seeking Allah’s reward.

Also,, Jadel Marzouq Al-Yami, a nursing specialist from Najran said that she had been desiring to get involved in the volunteer work since a while. When she had the opportunity this year, she seized it. She described it as a beautiful experience, and hoped that its duration would be longer in the coming seasons, extending her thanks to Almighty Allah, and then to MOH that granted her the honor to serve pilgrims.

For his part, Abdullah Muhammad Al-Buqami, an internal medicine physician (internist) said: “This is my first volunteer experience, and it is one of the distinct participations I ever have in my working life, praying for Almighty Allah to facilitate the reasons for me to serve pilgrims and serve this country.”

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