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MOH: 4 Hospitals and 26 Healthcare Centers in Mina Ready to Serve Pilgrims on the Day of At-Tarwiyah
06 July 2022

​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed the readiness of 4 hospitals and 26 healthcare centers to serve pilgrims in Mina during the Hajj season of this year 1443H. Clinics were opened to serve pilgrims around the clock particularly on the Day of Tarwiyah, the Day of Sacrifice and the Days of Tashreeq.

It pointed out that the health facilities at the holy sites provide all preventive, curative and emergency services to the pilgrims, through specialized and qualified cadres using advanced medical equipment.
Mina has 5 hospitals, namely:  Emergency Hospital with a capacity of 190 beds of which 12 beds for emergency and 34 beds for intensive care, Mina Al-Jisr Hospital with a capacity of 150 beds, 36 beds for emergency and 28 beds for intensive care, Mina Al-Wadi Hospital with a capacity 160 beds, 24 beds for emergency and 25 beds for intensive care, and the New Mina Street Hospital with a capacity of 50 beds, 13 for emergency and 16 for intensive care. 

It indicated that the healthcare centers are distributed across Mina to facilitate pilgrims access to them.
The centers provide the primary healthcare services to pilgrims and workers in the holy sites, as well as ambulatory services and intervention to rescue emergency and ambulatory cases such as heat stress and CPR.  

These health facilities are supported by a fleet of ambulance transport, consisting of 100 small ambulances and 75 large ambulances, to handle any emergency cases.

After the end of the last year’s Hajj, the holy sites hospitals and healthcare centers have launched developmental projects, including overall preparations, workshops training and simulations to qualify workers, and organized blood donation campaigns to supply the hospitals ‘blood banks, it added.

Last Update : 07 July 2022 01:36 AM
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