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MOH: 4,000+ Violations Recorded against Medical Missions and Health Institutions
05 July 2022
​​​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has intensified its field tours to check compliance of the medical missions for pilgrims from inside and outside the Kingdom and the health institutions with health requirements and precautionary measures during 1443H.-Hajj season. The Main Compliance Committee visited a number of sites to ensure their adherence to health requirements and precautionary measures; given that these tours cover all districts of Makkah and Madinah, in addition to the holy sites.

“Those tours (totaling 3,300 to date) include 1,400 tours, focusing on medical missions and clinics accompanying pilgrims from inside and outside the kingdom; with a view to reducing health violations and correcting any ones detected in order to maintain pilgrims' health and to prevent any outbreaks of communicable diseases,” stated MOH.

During these round the clock field tours, the Main Compliance Committee recorded about 4,222 violations, while more than 70% of them were corrected. The Committee keeps on following up the corrections and dealing with all violations; as it handled more than 900 reports, and took the necessary measures regarding them.

Within the same vein, MOH teams has conducted their inspection tours (totaling 2,900) through private and public health institutions to ensure their compliance with precautionary measures, with 301 violations recorded.

It is noted that MOH receives, via 937 Call center, reports against pilgrim medical missions and health institutions, regarding their non-compliance with health requirements and precautionary measures.


Last Update : 06 July 2022 02:51 PM
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