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MOH: Pilgrim’s Health Guide Released
05 July 2022
​​​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has released Pilgrim’s Health Guide, as part of its services provided to pilgrims. The Guide features a set of health guidelines for pilgrims from inside and outside the Kingdom during all hajj phases, starting from the selection of Hajj applicants, their needs for vaccinations, vaccination schedules, health recommendations required before their performance of Hajj rituals (especially those people with chronic diseases), necessity of carrying their medical records, ways to improve their fitness, in addition to other instructions.

Besides, the Guide features other health instructions for pilgrims during their performance of Hajj rituals, including general instructions related to personal hygiene, awareness messages to prevent heat exhaustion, infection, muscle fatigue, skin scrapes (abrasions), dehydration, falls, food poisoning, and other topics. The Guide provides special health instructions for some patients during Hajj, such as: patients with cardiac diseases, diabetes, asthma, allergies, and kidney disease.

Furthermore, the Guide, also, outlines after-Hajj health guidelines, including those related to sacrifices, as well as links of e-services provided by MOH to pilgrims, such as: Unified Health Services App., and links to the nearest healthcare centers for pilgrims, and others.



Last Update : 05 July 2022 03:55 PM
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