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Pregnancy and Drugs
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  • Many women wonder about drugs during pregnancy, are they safe? Do they affect the baby? Do they lead to fetus defects? What about some pregnant women on certain drugs for chronic diseases?
  •  You better consult your doctor before taking any drugs or medications sold without medical prescriptions. 
  •  Also, you better do not take any drugs during the first thee months.
Pregnancy and drugs for chronic diseases:
Some women have pre-conception chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, asthma, or epilepsy...etc.
The impact of each group of drugs on pregnancy and fetuses will be detailed herein under. 
Pregnancy and diabetes drugs:
  • A pregnant woman with type 2 diabetes should replace pills with insulin injections, as pills can cause side effects and fetus defects. You better do so before pregnancy to control sugar levels in blood before conception.
  • As for type 1 diabetic pregnant women, insulin is safe. Yet, you may need to adapt your daily dosage based on your new condition as a pregnant woman. 
Pregnancy and hypertension drugs:
A pregnant woman with hypertension may need to change her regular medications, as some have proven harmful while others are not yet proven safe.
Aldomet is a safe hypertension drug with no side effects on the baby.
Pregnancy and asthma:
Some women suffer health issues during pregnancy, essentially if they stop their asthma drugs... So, they endure difficulty breathing, which badly affects both mother and baby. Hence, your doctor balances between the desired benefit of drugs and their side effects during pregnancy. Yet, inhalers are safer than oral drugs.
Treatment of occasional diseases during pregnancy:
You better avoid taking medications for the first two months. You can take drugs proven with no side effects on the baby during pregnancy, including:
  • Paracitamole for high fever or headache.
  • For constipation, eat fiber-rich foods such as bran bread, fruits and veggies.
  • For pain or heartburn due to acid reflux, follow these instructions to alleviate such symptoms: Avoid fatty foods. Eat small meals instead of a big meal. Take little milk or yogurt. Raise you bed head. To further reduce these symptoms, you can use liquid antacids like malox after medical consultation.


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