First Aid
Back and Neck Injuries

What should I do if my back and neck are injured?

  • Back or neck injuries are very serious. If the wounded person was moved in a wrong way, he\she could be permanently paralyzed. So, do not move the injured person, wait until specialists arrive.
  • Make sure of your safety and safety of the injured person, and then check the first aid basics and called the ambulance.
  • CPR specialists have special back and neck support braces, as they are aware of the best ways to deal with various injuries.

How do I know if there is a back or neck injury?
The most important symptoms of back or neck injuries for the patient, who has not lost consciousness, are severe pain. Therefore, if the injured person develops such symptom, you should take the necessary precautions. However, if s/he is unconscious or does not speak your language, you should assume that he has back or/and neck injuries, especially in the following cases:
  • Traffic accidents at speed of more than 30 km per/h. 
  • Falling from height of more than two meters.
  • The injured person was directly hit in the head, neck, or back.

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