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World Pharmacists Day
14 September 2015

Pharmacy is a health profession that links health sciences with the chemical ones. Its main objective is to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical products.The world “Pharmacy” is derived from the Greek word “pharmakon” meaning "drug". The pharmacist’s main duty is to develop drugs and treatment and be familiar with all their characteristics.

Pharmacist's Work Fields: 

A pharmacist can have multiple career tracks due to the large number and complexity of sciences studied at the bachelor level, thus making him eligible to work in any career track he chooses and to focus on it by continuing study and training within the programs available at each career track. Following are some of the work fields for pharmacists: 

  • Government hospitals’ pharmacies
  • Private pharmacies
  • Clinical pharmacy
  • Industrial pharmacy
  • Criminal medical laboratories
  • Poisons and drugs information centers
  • Pharmaceutical product quality control centers
  • Medical supplies, procurement and substances management

The role of the Pharmacist: 
  • ​Providing distinct pharmaceutical care for patients in the Kingdom. 
  • Achieving competence in several fields, including: drug composition, drug quality control, pharmaceutical industries, forensic medicine and poisons analysis, food and water analysis, clinical laboratory analysis, and supervision of the public, private and hospital pharmacies.
  • Ensuring the optimal, effective and secure use of drugs. 
  • Helping the patient to find comfort in using drugs. 
  • Developing and producing effective drugs to be used in the treatment of several diseases. 
  • Conducting and encouraging scientific research based on the Kingdom’s actual needs of specialists in the healthcare fields in particular, and the citizens in general.
  • Enhancing quality of health services provided for patients through the safe and effective usage of the therapeutic products.
  • Creating conducive environment for exchanging expertise and updates in the field of pharmacy.
  • Building bridges of joint cooperation with all specialists in the pharmacy field at the local and international levels. 
  • Raising awareness of the community through the social media platforms, regarding the latest developments in the field of medicine and methods of treatment. 

Symbols used in Pharmacy:
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