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Vast health projects under way, MOH report
23 February 2008
According to a report released by the MOH General Directorate for Projects and Maintenance, 83 health projects have been accomplished during the period from 1424 to 1428, including general and specialized hospitals, health colleges, medical towers, and specialized centers.
The report released recently by MOH referred also to the accomplishment of 24 hospitals in a number of provinces during the current year 1429, with a capacity of 3150 beds. Furthermore, 340 primary health care centers will be established during the current year within the first and second phases of the project of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
According to the MOH official spokesman Dr. Khalid Al-Marghalani, the Ministry of Health is carrying out the works of establishing 138 health projects in the different provinces with a capacity of 20300 beds and an overall cost of 14.6 billion Saudi Riyals.
"Works are under way for establishing 70 general hospitals throughout the Kingdom, with capacities ranging from 50 to 500 beds and an overall cost of 5.9 billion Riyals", he said. "The list also include establishment of 8 delivery hospitals, with a capacity of 1850 beds and an overall cost of 1.1 billion Riyals".
He said MOH is also carrying out the works of establishing 15 psychiatric hospitals, with a capacity of 3050 beds and an overall cost of 1.8 billion Riyals, in addition to 20 medical towers in a number of hospitals, with a capacity of 4750 beds and an overall cost of 10.6 billion Riyals.
He also revealed the intention of MOH to establish 1010 primary health care centers throughout the Kingdom in three phases, phase (1) including 150 health centers, phase (2) including 420 health centers, and phase (3) including 444 health centers, with an overall cost of 3.6 billion Riyals. Other projects also include establishment of 20 centers for hypertension and diabetes (with a cost of 110 million Riyals), four health colleges in some provinces (with a cost of 80 million Riyals), and establishment of a national lab in Riyadh (with a cost of 120 million Riyals).
As per Al-Marghalani, Mekkah Al-Mukarramah Province ranks top with reference to the number of established projects, bed capacities, and costs. 
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