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Important advises for healthy fasting
24 September 2007
The MOH Center for Health Information and Relationships would like to offer the following advises to be followed during the holy month of Ramadan:
  • Avoid excessive eating during (Iftar).
  • (Iftar) must be taken in two stages, take some dates or coffee and milk before Maghreb prayer, then salad, soup, and some (sambusa) after prayer.
  • A second meal of vegetables, meats, and juices is advised to be taken after (Isha) prayer as a replacement of lunch meals during non Ramadan days.
  • The third meal, or (sahur), should be less fatty, comprising mainly of carbohydrates.
  • Starting with 3 dates quickly raises blood sugar until it reaches the normal level, thus giving a feeling of satisfaction.
  • Drink water after taking the dates, since dates resist thirsty, fills part of the stomach, and accelerate digestion.
  • A salad dish containing of (fatush) or (tabbula) provides you with vitamins and fibers, which are vital for your health. It is also a good treatment for the problems of constipation and gives you a feeling of satisfaction.
  • Soup (whether meat or chicken) is an important source of proteins, provided that the outer skin (from chicken meat) and the white fats (from red meats) must be removed.
  • Manufactured juices must be avoided and instead fresh juices, such as apple and orange juices, are advised.
  • Eat as less amounts of food as possible.
  • Thorough chewing assists in food digestion and accelerates the feeling of satisfaction.
  • Housewives are advised to avoid frying and instead use the oven in preparing meats.
  • Give part of your time to sports. Walking daily for at least half an hour is important and the best time for it is half an hour before (Iftar) or two hours after the second meal.
  • The best times for taking sweats is during (Iftar) or (Sahur), provided that care must be taken for not using too much sugar in preparing sweats. 
  • Too much relaxation or sleeping for long times prevents better digestion.
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