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Saudi ladies must fight obesity
18 July 2007
I became overwhelmed by anxiety when I read recently that about 51% of Saudi women are affected by obesity, thus being subject to some fatal current diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, infertility, etc. The list is long and diabetes has exhausted fat sucking centers in spite of their capabilities.
It is for this sad situation that I would like to address my Saudi sisters in a language that they certainly understand. We must fight the above diseases by avoiding all bad nutritional habits leading to obesity and allotting some time for daily exercises, specially walking. Our dear mothers must implant the ideals of balanced nutritional habits in the minds of their children to protect them against obesity and its fatal results.
I hereby call upon all ladies to interact with the national campaign executed by the Ministry of Health under the slogan "Balance your life" in order to fight obesity, the real life threatening disease. I hope all Saudi ladies shall respond positively to the campaign programs in a time of increasing awareness of its threats.
Pharmacist Amal bint Muawya Abul Jadail
Supervisor of the Health Information Center  
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