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Khoja praises primary health care development strategy
23 April 2007
The Director General of the Executive Office of the GCC Council of Ministers of Health Dr. Tawfeeq A. Khoja praised the health care development program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program has been submitted by Dr. Obeid Al-Obeid, MOH Undersecretary for Planning and Development during the joint meeting of the Executive Council of Health Services in the Kingdom and the Saudi Society for Family Medicine last week in Dammam under the chairmanship of the Minister of Health Dr. Hamad Al-Mane.
According to Dr. Tawfeeq Khoja, the strategy touched a number of important topics, such as restructuring health centers and reviewing pioneering experiences of other countries in comparison with the situation in the Kingdom.  He described the study as an unprecedented work to be added to the assets of the Ministry of Health,. He said the latest example of health centers is based on the fact that the health track is multidisciplinary, that family and community medicine is the source of integrated care, and that the patient is the core of service provision.
He congratulated the Ministry of Health on its success in preparing the study which has been carried out on scientific grounds. He urged the Ministry of Health to put it into effect as soon as possible in order to reach the goal of (one doctor for one family), which is the core of comprehensive primary health care.
At the end of his statement Dr. Khaoja wished success to this great project so that the umbrella of primary health care becomes a reality, a goal eagerly waited by all people.   
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