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Enquiries of cancer paitients answered
09 December 2007
The following is a brief summary of the answers given by Dr. Um Al-Khair Abdullah, the tumours and blood diseases consultant, to the enquiries of cancer patients who are intending to perform Hajj.
Question: Can cancer patient perform Hajj after discovery of the disease?
Answer: If the patient is undergoing chemical treatment it is advised that he should not go to Hajj after the first dose has been taken. 
Questions: Will resultant immune deficiency and subsequent vulnerability to diseases cause transfer of diseases to cancer patients?
Answer: Immune deficiency lasts for very few days and some injections may solve the problem. But it's preferred that cancer patients must not come into contact with those who are affected with contagious diseases such as measles.
Question: What are the instructions to be followed by the cancer patient who is intending to perform Hajj?
Answer: The most important instruction is that he must not stop oral treatment, but in case the patient is following chemical treatment it is preferred that Hajj is postponed. If the patient is insistent to perform Hajj in spite of chemical treatment, care must be taken and treatment observed. However, if the patient has accomplished treatment and is only under medical monitory, he can perform Hajj.   
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