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A media report on the MOH services for 1428 pilgrimage
02 December 2007
The Almighty God has blessed our country when He chose it to be the cradle of the message of Islam.
The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has carried out the responsibility of securing the safety of pilgrims and providing them with all services required for accomplishing their sacred objective. The health services, including preventive, therapeutic and emergency services, are provided through highly equipped health facilities at the main entries and sacred shrines.
The Ministry of Health aims through its pilgrimage plan to implement the motto (The guests of the Almighty God are our Titles). MOH officials assigned for the Hajj works give their utmost priority and concern to providing the best health services on the basis of a carefully designed strategy. The stepwise implementation of such strategy, starting from the end of each pilgrimage season and ending by the accomplishment of next season, secures pilgrims safety and prevention of all contagious diseases.
MOH continuously follows and monitors the epidemic situation at the international level, formulates the health instructions to be followed by the pilgrims, and carries out health awareness programs. It has brought the preventive measures to the maximum, especially at the openings, and equipped the labs by the best technologies and manpower. Epidemic surveillance and fast intervention methods have been activated for containing epidemics, preventing their transmission, and isolating infected cases.
Thoroughly studied plans have been adopted for providing Mekkah Al-Mukarramah area and the sacred shrines with all medical needs, including medical equipment and drugs. Many health facilities have been allotted for serving the pilgrims and providing them with the best medical care. MOH, through its different committees, reviewed the works of the last Hajj season and accordingly established a number of development projects in the different Hajj areas, especially the sacred shrines. Jabal Al-Rahma Hospital has been rehabilitated and its capacity increased to 250 beds with a cost of two million Riyals.
seven hospitals and 84 health centers provide medical care in the sacred shrines. With their latest medical equipment, sufficient supply of drugs and blood products, and highly qualified staff, those hospitals and centers provide the best services to the pilgrims. 
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