Occupational Health Holds a Training Course on "Health Risks Facing Workers in Hajj"
08 August 2018  

​The Environmental and Occupational Health General Department has organized a training course on the health risks facing health workers during Hajj. The 2-day course was launched at the beginning of this week, in collaboration with Makkah Health Affairs.​

Director-General of the Environmental and Occupational Health General Department Dr. Tumader Al-Kurdy said, "The training course aims at raising awareness of the health workers and the importance of implementing the health and safety measure in the health facilities in order to maintain their health and safety", pointing out that the first course, held last year, has attracted considerable concern from the workers in the field. This year's course, which is accredited with 12 Continuing Medical Education (CME) hours, was attended by more than 60 participants working in Hajj in Makkah. She expressed her wishes for the attendees to benefit from the scientific lectures and workshops. 

An elite of specialists from the Environmental and Occupational Health General Department lectured the attendees, including Dr. Hamdi Hamed and Dr. Abullatif Al Abdullatif. The lectures covered the following subjects: principles of occupational health, acupuncture, biological pollutants, introduction to occupational risks in health facilities and occupational injuries for workers in Hajj, non-ionizing radiation, occupational injuries prevention, heat-related illness, chemical hazards, schedule of occupational diseases, personal protective equipment and occupational health services and programs.     

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