Health Guidelines

After Hajj

Post-Hajj Health Tips:
A considerable number of pilgrims undergo some of the common symptoms after the Hajj such as: strain, muscle pains and aches, headache, cold, laziness, irregular sleep, and complexion-darkening. And such symptoms result from exposure to sunlight beams, excessive movement without adequate fitness, and getting infected with cold and influenza.

Here are some pieces of advice related to your health and the health of those living along after returning to your country safely.
If you were suffering from flu, make a point of not transmitting the infection to others through sneezing or coughing; and this is through following these preventive procedures:
  • Using handkerchiefs to cover the nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, then throw them away in the wastepaper basket.
  • Making a point of washing hands repeatedly in a correct way.
And you should do the following:
  • Taking a great deal of rest and drinking fluids, as this helps you recover, God willing.
  • Taking analgesics when needed.
  • Seeing a doctor when necessary.
  • If you found out during the Hajj that you would suffer from a specific disease such as diabetes or hypertension, make a point of seeing a doctor and taking the necessary steps after returning from the Hajj. 
Dear pilgrim, you must have noticed during the Hajj period the importance of physical fitness and keeping up to the ideal weight, so make the Hajj journey a motive to advance the general health and physical fitness.

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