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 MOH Portal CCC About Command & Control Center
About Command & Control Center
The Command and Control Center, Ministry of Health, provides the Ministry of Health the ability and capacity to monitor developing health concerns across the Kingdom in real time and ensures that health challenges are managed with a systematic, holistic and comprehensive approach.
The Command and Control Center, Ministry of Health consists of clinicians, scientists, researchers, healthcare experts, and emergency planning experts. Under the direct supervision of His Excellency the Minister of Health, the center has been developed in conjunction with international experts and organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centre for Disease Control (CDC).
The Center currently includes a total of 11 platforms, each of which is tasked with addressing a specific topic, all under the coordination of the control tower platform which acts as the central coordinator of the whole operation.
The platforms include:
  1. Control Tower:  A central unit co-coordinating all activity of the Command and Control Center;
  2. Cross-Government coordination: Ensuring the Government as a whole is informed and aligned on responsibilities and activities are coordinated;
  3. Public Health: Working on data gathering and epidemiological investigations, and coordination with international partners such the World Health Organization and CDC;
  4. Scientific Advisory Board: Consisting of scientists, this team advises on scientific and clinical issues relevant to public health;
  5. Labs & Diagnostic: This team acts as a central unit ensuring timely and accurate diagnostic and reporting of results. For example, they ensure samples are picked up, tested and reported within a defined time-frame;
  6. Epidemiology Support Platform: Led by leading epidemiologists, this team provides crucial evidence-based information to decision-makers and recommendations for preventive and control measures, such as during Umra and Hajj;
  7. Infection Control: The primary role of this team is to prevent and control infections in healthcare facilities and to inform the public about any required measures of precaution;
  8. Capacity Development: Ensure capacity is available in healthcare facilities to care for patients safely;
  9. Clinical Operations: Clinicians will ensure patients get the best possible care, including and ensure the clinical pathway is clear for all relevant bodies;
  10. Data Analytics: Acting as a horizon scanning team, this team manages and analyzes data for disease tracking and clinical insight, so it is aware of trends and issues before they occur;
  11. Communications: The communications function of the Command and Control Tower will manage public information, education and awareness efforts and coordinate internal communications within healthcare sector.



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