Administrative and Financial Affairs Department

This department is responsible for all the administrative work of the Forensic Medicine Centers General Department.
Some of its tasks are to:

  • Prepare the letters sent by the Department to all other departments (whether or not belonging to the MOH).
  • Receive the transactions and export them, after submission to the Director-General and carrying out his instructions.    
  •  Print the letters incoming to the Department if need be.
  • Keep all the records of each subject, if necessary, so as to refer to them whenever there is need to.
  •  Respond to all the enquiries incoming to the Department about the nature of its work; whether such enquiries were submitted by telephone, a written letter, or personal meeting. Responses should be compliant with the Director-General's instructions and directions.
  •  Work to facilitate financial and administrative dealings to all departments.
  • Sign and the attendance sheet and submit it to the Director-General for ratification.
  • The Head of the Division fills in the functionality form in case of promotion or renewal of recruitment contracts.
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