Forensic Bodies Secretariats Department

​This department takes over all that's relevant to forensic bodies secretariats, and following up the formation of new ones, in all over the Kingdom's regions.
Some of its tasks are to:

  • Carry out all the procedures related to following up the formation of forensic health bodies and their secretariats in all the Kingdom's regions.
  • Coordinate between forensic bodies secretariats, to bring about the consolidation of work procedures.
  • Conduct a periodic comprehensive survey, and prepare reports on the problems facing the forensic bodies secretariats, in addition to proposing proper solutions to them.
  •  Follow up the accomplishment of cases and dealings with the bodies, seeking to evade the problem of putting off the disposition of the cases before these bodies.
  •  Prepare statistical information on the cases received by the forensic bodies secretariats, as well as those already disposed, and provide the Statistics Department with the obtained information.
  •  Form the secretariats of the forensic health bodies, and obtain the Director-General's approval to them. 
  •  Oversee the work of forensic health bodies secretariats in the Kingdom's various regions.
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