Forensic Centers Department
It is meant to supervise the work of forensics centers in the different health areas (20 centers), and direct forensic doctors towards the benefit of work, in addition to reinforcing them with the needed consultations and expertise, and overseeing their technical work.
Some of its tasks are to:
  • Provide technical advice and scientific support for the forensic doctors working in forensic centers. 
  •  Conduct Technical supervision on the work of forensic doctors working in forensic centers, by reviewing the forensic reports and memoranda submitted by them.
  •  Provide technical consultations and expertise on the forensic cases referred to the Department by competent authorities.
  •  Respond to the questions and queries of the relevant authorities, with regard to the forensic reports submitted by forensic doctors, and give technical feedback on these questions, in addition to asking the Director-General for his opinion.
  •  Inform the competent authority in the Ministry of the needs of forensic centers for forensic doctors, as directed by the Director-General.
  •  Study and identify the needs of forensic centers for assistant technical staff (forensic technician, radiology technician), in collaboration with the Personnel General Department. 
  •  Prepare the instructions and circulars governing the work of forensics, with a view to developing and improving the performance of forensic doctors, so as to be issued by the competent authority.
  • Archive all the forensic reports, as well as the results of laboratory tests, received by the Department from forensic centers, in the form of electronic records relating to each health region. It is also responsible for filling in electronic form of each forensic report.
  •  Hold meetings with the newly recruited forensic doctors, to explain their tasks, and the nature of their work in the Kingdom; in addition to providing them with instructions and circulars.
  •  Direct the newly recruited forensic doctors to the forensic centers they will work for, in accordance with the need of these centers and the qualifications of the recruited doctor, and as directed by the Director-General.
  •  Recommend a number of doctors for the membership of the Forensic Expertise Committees, responsible for re-examining and dissecting some of the deaths, as requested by the competent authorities. Such recommendations have to be approved by the Director-General. 
  •  Recommend a number of technicians for the membership of the technical committee assigned to visit forensic centers periodically, to conduct a field assessment of the work of forensic doctors, and study and situation of these centers and their needs. Such recommendations have to be approved by the Director-General. 
  •  Provide the technical opinion on the scientific certificates and practical experiences of the forensic doctors wishing to apply for forensic centers, and evaluate their eligibility.
  •  Unremittingly study the situation of forensics centers, and whether there is need to increase the number of these centers.
  •  The Head of the Division fills in the functionality form in case of promotion or renewal of recruitment contracts.
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