The Forensic Medicine Centers General Department



Operational Projects   Initiatives   ​ ​Strategy Objectives
​To bolster quality of forensic medicine services.
 To develop forensic medicine staff.
​Establishing advanced forensic medicine centers.
Developing the performance and capabilities of the workforce, and upholding science-based production. 
​Establishing and equipping forensic medicine centers which fit with the nature and volume of work, and cope with the modern international standards.
Providing training to physicians, technicians and administrators in forensic medicine centers.
Bolstering scientific research and participating in international scientific forums, journals and seminars.
​To provide comprehensive, updated information system in the forensic medicine field. ​Enhancing practical performance, by adopting modern methodology, and connecting forensic medicine centers to the general department. 
​Creating and adopting a comprehensive information system which meets the needs and concords with the nature of forensic medicine, as well as ensuring proper linkage and follow-up between forensic medicine centers and the general department. 
​To consolidate the quality of forensic service. 
​Developing evaluation standards to control the performance quality of forensic medicine.

​Developing procedural basics of the technical and administrative operation.

​Obtaining local and international accreditations for the forensic medicine centers.
​Unifying the forms used in the forensic medicine centers to improve professional and technical performance.
​Creating a comprehensive organizational structure for the job description of workers in the forensic medicine sector.




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