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In the name of Almighty Allah, glorified and exalted be He, and peace be upon His Prophet, Muhammad.
It is apparently due to the political stability and economic and social prosperity that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a great boom and immense progress in providing health services in all sectors of the Ministry of Health. One manifestation of this salient development can be found in the field of Forensic Medicine; which provides the judicial and security systems with the necessary technical support, and forensic expertise, required in case of suspected death or examining alive people who have been attacked in one way or another. Such progress has been brought about thanks to the guidance of Allah in the first place, and the gracious patronage and unremitting support of our wise government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, May Allah protect him.
Proceeding from its keen interest in providing high-quality health services, without the faintest glimpse of negligence or slackness, the Ministry of Health, in line with the Health Professions Law, has approved of setting up forensic health bodies for the purpose of expediting the disposition of the complaints submitted by perpetrators of medical errors. These bodies are responsible for considering the cases referred to them. The Forensic Medicine Department, in turn, oversees the performance, formation and secretariats of these bodies throughout the Kingdom's regions and provinces. Among the tasks that fall within its jurisdiction, also, is the preparation of statistical studies, highlighting medical mistakes in a perspective statistical analysis, giving way to the identification of the nature of such mistakes, and proposing proper solutions aiming to diminish medical mistakes to the lowest possible rate. The Department, in addition, has conducted statistical studies on the nature and volume of the work of the forensic centers all over the Kingdom (20 centers). These studies comprise a database through which the distribution of forensic medicine activity in all regions and provinces can be accurately identified. Besides, these studies shed light on the social and security related problems; which is reckoned crucial towards finding sound solutions to these problems, and drawing developmental plans, in accordance with the workload of each region.
The Department will work to maintain undertaking its pivotal role effectively, by means of implementing development plans, and continuously endeavoring to develop and raise the efficiency of forensic performance. It will also seek to "Saudize" this important sector by encouraging the Saudi doctors to be involved in this domain, and apply to the Saudi Forensic Fellowship Program.
I pray for Allah Almighty to guide us to all that's good and benevolent 
Dr. Abdullah bin Barakat Al-Garni,
Director General of Forensic Medicine Centers
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