Field Epidemiology Training Program
The Program's Portal includes the following:

  • Information on the available long and short-term courses of the Program.
  • Information on physicians, students, technicians, graduates and the Center’s entire staff.
  • Introduction and report on epidemiology. 
  • All the printed materials related to the epidemiology within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Epidemiology news in all previous and future conferences and forums.
  • Search field giving to search in both the epidemiology portal and Google. 
  • Program photo gallery, both inside and outside the Center.
  • The portal admin can manage it through adding, deleting, and updating images, video, podcasts, publications, epidemiology news… etc.
  • The portal is available in Arabic and English languages.
  • The portal service is accessible on smartphones.
  • The portal enables “Email to Friend” service.
  • The portal offers a field for questions and answers.
  • The Portal provides the Program contact details.

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