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    Medical Licenses
    • Medical Licenses

      Which include services of facilities inquiries and licensed persons. These services enable the search of medical licenses of facilities, personnel and their information. It also allows searching for people licensed for health facility, and querying about Travel Ban, Profession Ban and medical licenses infringement.... more

    Tenders System - Riyadh
    • Tenders System - Riyadh

      This service gives information about the tenders of MOH and other related facilities. It helps the user to be acquainted of the tender's information... more

    • eDirectories

      This service includes the search of health facilities within the Ministry. It includes the following services​​​​​​​​... more

    Staff Services
    • Staff Services

      The services related to staff and include the following Khaddat staff assignment, emoluments and data outside the permanence and payroll... more

    Transactions Inquiry Service
    • Transactions Inquiry Service

      The aim of this service is helping reviewers who deal with MOH to check the status of their transactions that they have submitted online via E-portal of the Ministry of Health... more

    Payment Orders Inquiry Service
    Citizen Voice
    • Citizen Voice

      The aim of this system is to connect the feedback of citizens and residents directly to The Ministry of Health by the external portal of it. This feedback includes: compliments, queries, suggestions and thanking.... more

    Employment services
    • Employment services

      Enables these services to people who want to work at the Ministry of Health to provide employment applications automatically without the need to attend personally to the ministry... more

    Geographical Information System (GIS)
    Hajj Health Services
    • Hajj Health Services

      Group of health services by the health care of pilgrims and most of these services are activated during periods of Umrah and Hajj... more

    Complaints Inquiry Service
    • Complaints Inquiry Service

      The objective of this service is to inquire about the status of the complaint submitted through the Citizen Voice Service by its number, so as to get back with the status of such complaint and display it to the MOH Portal's visitors…... more

    Vaccinations Reminder Service
    • Vaccinations Reminder Service

      Within the framework of the efforts of the Ministry of Health (MOH) to maintain the health of children in the Kingdom, and protect them and the community groups of diseases... more

    “Efada” Enquiry Service
    • “Efada” Enquiry Service

      Proceeding from its keenness on the constant development of its e-services, as well as meeting the needs of beneficiaries of these services; the Ministry of Health (MOH) is hereby announcing the launch of “Efada” Enquiry Service... more

    Identification Certificates Verification Service


Stemming from the keenness of the Ministry of Health (MOH) to develop its e-services constantly: so as to meet the needs of the beneficiaries of these services, as well as, believing that the opinion of the beneficiary of the service mainly contributes to its development , so kindly communicate with us through the e-services team.
Contact the e-service team via the following data:


  • Tel: 01 2125555 Ext: 2222-3852-4818
  • E-mail : eservices@moh.gov.sa

Or you can contact us also automatically through Citizen's Voice system via the following link.

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