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MOH Drug Formulary (2012)
    In line with the theme adopted by the Ministry of Health: “Patient First”, and as part of its strenuous efforts meant to provide the best and fullest healthcare for the Saudi people, thereby preserving their health and protecting them from diseases, the Ministry has been always showing keen interest in the provision of the best and most effective medicines. In so doing, the Ministry seeks to provide high-quality curative services in all its facilities spread throughout the Kingdom's regions and provinces, such that cover all diseases, leading up to recovery, God willing.
To that end, MOH has issued its latest “Drug Formulary”. It contains updated 2012-drug lists, which will facilitate access to pharmaceutical information a great deal, and help healthcare workers to provide excellent pharmaceutical services. This is expected to foster the improvement of health services provided to citizens at large, in the interest of individual and community health.
To view the Formulary, click here.
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